Children's Books

KING OF THE WIND, the true story of the Godolphin Arabian, starved and beaten as a cart horse in England, to be rescued and nursed to health by a trainer, then to win races and become the sire of the line of thoroughbreds who race today. Arabian horses are one of the most beautiful breeds, smaller than average but famed for their speed and stamina.

The Nancy Drew mysteries, which entertained and provided positive images to young girls who read about clever and adventurous Nancy and her chums, daring danger and solving mysteries year after year for her young fans.

Walter Farley's THE BLACK STALLION books, with high adventure and a love of horses, so unforgettable a film was made a few years ago of the first book.

Adult favorites

OUTLANDER by Diana Gabaldon, the first in a series of time travel novels that take the heroine, a World War II combat nurse, back 200 years into Scotland to the rebellion of Bonnie Prince Charlie, and to an unforgettable hero, Jamie Frazier. A hero so fascinating and full of practical wisdom readers joked about forming support groups for readers in love with Jamie. Clever and witty, the series continues with the tale of Claire and Jamie's lives, and that of their daughter Brianna, born in the Twentieth Century when Claire for a time returned to her own century, who travels back in time to join them.

GONE WITH THE WIND, the evergreen novel by Margaret Mitchell set in the Civil War in the South and the Reconstruction afterward. The love story of Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler, immortalized in the film version. T heir indelible characters are as alive today as when the book burst on the national scene in 1939. The only book I know that both my mother in her youth and I in mine loved.

The historical novels of Phillippa Gregory, which bring to life, blood and bone, the Tudors of England; plus a list of other period novels, all lively reads.

The early novels of Susan Howatch, CASHELMARA and PENMARRIC, tales of passion and obsession and sometimes folly, stories which never flag in their fascination.