Image in Ivory

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New! Image in Ivory
On a quest for a family heirloom, when Carrie Todd touches the cameo, she catapults from a costume bash in an 18th Century ballgown into the American Revolution, captive of a darkly dangerous Continental scout on a secret mission through the wilderness. At the same instant, Caroline Renard, the daughter of a Tory aristocrat, lands in the 21st Century, desperately faking amnesia in a terrifying world of boxes that talk and carriages hurtling down superhighways at blinding speed. In flight from Mohawks allied with the British, Gabe Banning and Carrie must outwit a British patrol, to keep an appointment with history; but not before neither Carrie nor Gabe can deny the temptation of the growing passion between them. In present-day Connecticut, Caroline tries to outwit the psychiatrist trying to help her regain her memory. And to resist her attraction to him. When the Mohawk scout, Gabe’s bitter enemy Dark Lake, abducts Carrie as revenge, she is dragged to his village, and enslaved. Carrie and Gabe must fight to be reunited, and over both Carrie and Caroline, the power of the cameo to return them to their own times may snatch them from the happiness they have only just found.

Dare the Wild Wind

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New! Dare the Wild Wind sweeps from Scotland and Bonnie Prince Charlie's defeat on Culloden Moor to 18th Century London and the Caribbean. Drake Seton, Earl of Stratford, clashes with Brenna Dalmoral at Lochmarnoch, and crosses swords with Brenna's childhood love, Cameron McCavan. When Cam is taken prisoner and transported to London to be hanged, Brenna follows, determined to save him. In London, Drake rescues her from a mob, and tracks down where Cam is held. But they arrive at the gallows too late. When her brother arranges her marriage to a sadistic neighbor, Drake offers for her instead. Desolate, Brenna agrees. But Cam has cheated the noose, and when he encounters Brenna at Drake's estate in Cornwall, he abducts her aboard his privateer. At his plantation in the Caribbean, she discovers Cam has dark secrets, and fears she may never see Drake again.

Reckless Fires

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San Francisco and her heart in flames.... Amanda Marshall elopes to Turn of the Century San Francisco to be deserted by her fiancé, left to a thug collecting his gambling debts. Hired as a bookkeeper by Troy Gannon at the Double Eagle casino in the Uptown Tenderloin, she tries to resist her attraction to Troy. Betrayed a second time when she misunderstands a parting between Troy and her friend, Jessie Rule, she weds an Army lieutenant from Nob Hill. When the 1906 San Francisco earthquake hits, it is Troy who comes to her rescue. But he must step aside when her husband appears to take her to safety. All three must fight to survive in the fiery inferno of the city following the quake.

Reckless Fires originally was released as a lead title by Fawcett Gold Medal, and has also been published in Britain, France and Scandinavia.

East of Jamaica

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Innocence betrayed, she fled to Paradise. Deceived by her uncle, Eden MacFarland sails for the Caribbean island of Martinique to take a post as a governess, to find herself lured into a silken trap in the Villa Anglais. When her first client, Jeremy Singleton, a wealthy planter, offers rescue if she will marry him, Eden agrees. But Jeremy's past and that of the man who first taught her passion tangle in a deadly dance with Eden caught between them. Struggling to remain faithful to Jeremy, she is helplessly drawn to Ross Duval, who means to ruin Jeremy. Looming over them, Mount Pelée threatens to erupt and sweep the city of Saint Pierre and all of them into the sea if they cannot escape its menace and their own untamed desires.

East of Jamaica originally was published as a lead title by Fawcett Gold Medal.

Ride from the Night

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Writing as Kaye Wilson Klem, Betrayed by her Tory love, wed to a Rebel, she fights for the birth of a new land in America. Katherine Otis arrives in New England in 1770 on the night of the Boston Massacre. Sent by her father to live with her mother's sister after smallpox shatters their family, Katherine is only thirteen, thin and plain in her aunt's eyes. But her cousin Adam Peale sees budding beauty in Katherine, and quickly wins her heart. Four years later, with beaus of her own, Katherine is no longer that awkward girl, but Adam has been exiled in Europe until the British blockade Boston. He returns to an arranged marriage he will not renounce even though he declares his love for Katherine. With war threatening, Virginia planter Sloan Sheffield comes to escort her home to her father in the Shenandoah. Heart broken, she agrees to go. To discover the Patriot Sloan intends to marry her to forestall scandal, and to spirit her out of Boston. Never expecting to see Adam again, Katherine confronts him with British raiders in Virginia, where she hides a wounded Sloan to save him from a Redcoat bullet.

Historical romance for young adult and adult readers.

Defiant Desire

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Widowed by a bullet, she fights for justice. Alane Drummond buys into a Tacoma, Washington, newspaper after her young husband is shot trying to stop a lynching by the Vigilantes. Bent on bringing his killers to justice, she writes an editorial that spurs lumber baron Cordell Stanton, head of the Vigilantes, to threaten her. Instead he wants her, and she realizes an affair with him may be her only way to find the truth. Her reluctant co-editor on the paper, Thorne Lockwood, fights his attraction to Lane and his own dislike of the Vigilantes, and Lane takes in a pregnant Chinese girl rejected by the man who bought her at a slave auction on the waterfront. When a mob tries to deport the citys Chinese, Lane and Thorne are caught in the violence, and both of them must stand together and face their feelings for one another.

Defiant Desire originally was published by Fawcett Gold Medal.


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From the Silent Screen to Hollywood's Golden Age to the threat of heartbreak for the greatest talent of all, four women are caught in a web of love and fame. A runaway to California, Crystal Rivers rises from an extra to stardom on the silent screen, guided by the director who is her Svengali, in love with the stunt man turned star whose pride makes him take deadly risks for the camera. Her two daughters look for love in Hollywood's Golden Age during World War II, one as a nurse in the South Pacific, the other chasing the limelight her mother renounced to tie her fate to a nightclub owner connected to the mob. Crystal's granddaughter is the first serious actress in the family. Her love for the boy she grew up with is thwarted, even as her career takes fire, and marriage on the rebound leads to tragedy and the near destruction of her life and career.

Mirrors originally was published by New American Library.