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On a quest for a family heirloom, when Carrie Todd touches the cameo, she catapults from a costume bash in an 18th Century ballgown into the American Revolution, captive of a darkly dangerous Continental scout on a secret mission through the wilderness. At the same instant, Caroline Renard, the daughter of a Tory aristocrat, lands in the 21st Century, desperately faking amnesia in a terrifying world of boxes that talk and carriages hurtling down superhighways at blinding speed. In flight from Mohawks allied with the British, Gabe Banning and Carrie must outwit a British patrol, to keep an appointment with history; but not before neither Carrie nor Gabe can deny the temptation of the growing passion between them. In present-day Connecticut, Caroline tries to outwit the psychiatrist trying to help her regain her memory. And to resist her attraction to him. When the Mohawk scout, Gabe’s bitter enemy Dark Lake, abducts Carrie as revenge, she is dragged to his village, and enslaved. Carrie and Gabe must fight to be reunited, and over both Carrie and Caroline, the power of the cameo to return them to their own times may snatch them from the happiness they have only just found.

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New! DARE THE WILD WIND sweeps from Scotland and Bonnie Prince Charlie's defeat on Culloden Moor to 18th Century London and the Caribbean. Drake Seton, Earl of Stratford, clashes with Brenna Dalmoral at Lochmarnoch, and crosses swords with Brenna's childhood love, Cameron McCavan. When Cam is taken prisoner and transported to London to be hanged, Brenna follows, determined to save him. In London, Drake rescues her from a mob, and tracks down where Cam is held. But they arrive at the gallows too late. When her brother arranges her marriage to a sadistic neighbor, Drake offers for her instead. Desolate, Brenna agrees. But Cam has cheated the noose, and when he encounters Brenna at Drake's estate in Cornwall, he abducts her aboard his privateer. At his plantation in the Caribbean, she discovers Cam has dark secrets, and fears she may never see Drake again.

Kaye Wilson Klem

Writing as Kaye Wilson Klem, Kaye Klem and Cathleen Carleton, Kaye graduated magna cum laude from a large Midwestern University and was a feature writer and reporter for THE HARTFORD TIMES in Hartford, Connecticut, after college. Kaye began writing her first book in a closet under a bare light bulb to keep her toddler from lunching on her manuscript. At that age they'll chew on anything. : ) That historical novel, TOUCH THE SUN was published by Doubleday & Company; and was named best book of the year by the Missouri Writers Guild.

She has published five more novels: Three historical romances—two of which were lead titles for Fawcett Gold Medal—a historical novel set in the American Revolution under the pen name, Cathleen Carleton—and a Hollywood saga, MIRRORS, moving from the Silent Era to the Golden Age of film to contemporary film. Her books have been published in British, French, Italian and Scandinavian editions. She has been listed in OUTSTANDING YOUNG WOMEN OF AMERICA, and has taught Creative Writing for a Community College District. She lives in the suburbs with her Great Dane, Barney. Kaye has traveled to England, Scotland and Ireland; and to Greece, Hawaii, Tahiti, and Canada, plus most states in the US. She enjoys music, rock and classical, art museums, theater and film, social events large and small, and good company with book lovers.

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